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Greg Dolan

Greg Dolan
Co-founder and CEO of Keen Decision Systems, Greg worked for 10 years as a CPG marketer before starting Keen, his response to the challenges and frustrations he had experienced trying to make smart marketing investments with limited decision support for his brand.
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How to Recoup $82,000 a Day in Your Marketing Plan

Posted by Greg Dolan on 11/6/18 10:38 AM

Forrester Research reports that implementing unified marketing measurement to optimize marketing can drive a 15 percent efficiency gain in marketing spending. Which is good.
Over the past year, Keen's solution has consistently driven a 25 percent improvement across our customer base. Which…is better.  Consider what this means in real dollars for, say, a consumer packaged goods brand.

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Vanity Metrics: Facing Up to the Ugly Truth

Posted by Greg Dolan on 10/23/18 9:09 AM

Like Narcissus in the reflecting pool it's virtually impossible for us marketers to turn our gaze away from our dashboards, clicking, whirring and blinking with impressions, clicks, shares, likes, reach, engagement, open rates and more. 

We've gone from no metrics to a Pandora's box of vanity metrics— full of sound and fury — but here's the ugly truth: signifying nothing

None of these metrics can be directly, positively or predictively correlated to top- or bottom-line improvement.

It's time to look elsewhere.

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How to Leverage Measurement Innovations for First-Mover Advantage

Posted by Greg Dolan on 10/2/18 8:42 AM

Keen CEO Greg Dolan offers a sneak preview of AdWeek's webinar, "Build a Breakthrough Measurement Strategy," in which Bill Mackison, Consumer Insights Lead for Perfetti van Melle shares how measurement innovations can create first-mover advantage.


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