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How Eckrich Doubled its Returns on a Shrinking Budget

Keen Decision Systems
Posted by Keen Decision Systems on 9/11/18 9:00 AM
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Two successive years of budget cuts could have left Eckrich's marketing team fighting to keep the status quo; instead they challenged it, turning to Keen's decision-support tool to give them fresh eyes on their marketing channels, investments and timing.

The bottom line?

An optimized marketing plan that

doubled revenue for the year. 

Eckrich used Keen's tool for data-driven answers to key questions about their marketing programs, and then made some game-changing moves with greater confidence. Here are some types of questions they used to challenge their thinking and decision-making:

1. What's the right balance between sponsorships and direct-equity programming?

2. What shopper-marketing program mix will yield the highest return?

3. Can we increase our impact during off-peak seasons to drive revenue continuity? 

Discover how the answers helped Eckrich's performance, and how the team plans to leverage Keen's decision support for its 2019 planning. 

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