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How to Leverage Measurement Innovations for First-Mover Advantage

Posted by Greg Dolan on 10/2/18 8:42 AM

Keen CEO Greg Dolan offers a sneak preview of AdWeek's webinar, "Build a Breakthrough Measurement Strategy," in which Bill Mackison, Consumer Insights Lead for Perfetti van Melle shares how measurement innovations can create first-mover advantage.


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How Eckrich Doubled its Returns on a Shrinking Budget

Posted by Keen Decision Systems on 9/11/18 9:00 AM

Two successive years of budget cuts could have left Eckrich's marketing team fighting to keep the status quo; instead they challenged it, turning to Keen's decision-support tool to give them fresh eyes on their marketing channels, investments and timing.

The bottom line?

An optimized marketing plan that

doubled revenue for the year. 

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