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Inside CPG Marketing: What's Hot, What's Not and How to Win in 2019

Posted by Greg Dolan on 9/27/18 10:46 AM

Keen Decision Systems had the pleasure of sponsoring the inaugural MediaPost CPG Conference yesterday in New York City. The event featured some of the best brands, agencies and minds in the business, from CPG leaders like Bayer Consumer Health and Chobani Yogurt to emerging, high-growth D2C brands like HelloFresh, BarkBox and Boxed.

The content was exciting and provocative, but even more intriguing was what wasn't discussed.

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Think Fast: How Marketers Can Get their Decision-Making Up to Speed

Posted by Keen Decision Systems on 6/19/18 7:26 AM

Those were the days: pack-a-day smoking habits in the office, two-hour martini lunches, weeks-long planning sessions for once-a-year media buys, and months more waiting for enough data to evaluate.

Mad men, indeed.

Any marketer today who took that kind of time (while indulging such vices) would be out of business before you know it. There are more brands, more competition for consumer eyeballs, bigger data to sift through. 

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3 Ways to Drive Better Marketing Performance for Your Brand

Posted by Keen Decision Systems on 5/17/18 8:39 AM

Keen's marketing analytics experts identify three steps brand marketers can take today to positively impact your brand's marketing performance.

“Trouble lurks for giants in consumer packaged goods. From 2011 to 2015 large CPG companies lost nearly three percentage points of market share.” The Economist's 2015 prognostication continues to play itself out in the retail marketplace. 

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