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If It's All in the Timing, How Can Marketers Get in the Right Zone?

Posted by Keen Decision Systems on 10/30/18 1:08 PM

Travel back in time with us to the equivalent of the marketing Stone Age. A time when survival tools for marketing planning and effectiveness were, well, blunt instruments at best. Traditional marketing mix analyses measured last year's channels and investment levels, not exactly a precise indicator of future performance.

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Inside CPG Marketing: What's Hot, What's Not and How to Win in 2019

Posted by Greg Dolan on 9/27/18 10:46 AM

Keen Decision Systems had the pleasure of sponsoring the inaugural MediaPost CPG Conference yesterday in New York City. The event featured some of the best brands, agencies and minds in the business, from CPG leaders like Bayer Consumer Health and Chobani Yogurt to emerging, high-growth D2C brands like HelloFresh, BarkBox and Boxed.

The content was exciting and provocative, but even more intriguing was what wasn't discussed.

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How Eckrich Doubled its Returns on a Shrinking Budget

Posted by Keen Decision Systems on 9/11/18 9:00 AM

Two successive years of budget cuts could have left Eckrich's marketing team fighting to keep the status quo; instead they challenged it, turning to Keen's decision-support tool to give them fresh eyes on their marketing channels, investments and timing.

The bottom line?

An optimized marketing plan that

doubled revenue for the year. 

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