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Making marketing decisions: What does your gut tell you?

Posted by Keen Decision Systems on 2/28/19 8:43 AM

Successful people effectively sort their decisions into three buckets: small, medium, and big, according to decision-making expert Mike Whitaker in an interview with Fast Company  “Small decisions impact you for a day, such as what you wear and what you eat. Medium decisions impact your life for a year or so, such as deciding to go back to school or take on a roommate. They affect your life, but they aren’t crash-and-burn moments."

Bigger decisions are what set these winning decision-makers apart. Bigger decisions are made once or twice a year, according to Whitaker, and successful people use their goals to navigate to the right choice. Knowing your goals is key.

In this two-part series we'll show you how to begin applying these best practices to your marketing decisions. In this first post we’ll paint a picture with broad brush strokes of how marketing decisions typically get made. 

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Vanity Metrics: Facing Up to the Ugly Truth

Posted by Greg Dolan on 10/23/18 9:09 AM

Like Narcissus in the reflecting pool it's virtually impossible for us marketers to turn our gaze away from our dashboards, clicking, whirring and blinking with impressions, clicks, shares, likes, reach, engagement, open rates and more. 

We've gone from no metrics to a Pandora's box of vanity metrics— full of sound and fury — but here's the ugly truth: signifying nothing

None of these metrics can be directly, positively or predictively correlated to top- or bottom-line improvement.

It's time to look elsewhere.

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