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3 Ways to Get the Right Amount of Digital in Your Mix

Posted by Keen Decision Systems on 5/21/19 9:17 AM

Decision Point: How can you balance all your marketing channels to grow your business? 

Our last post highlighted some ways the digital portion of your marketing mix can get seriously out of whack and the problems this presents.

This week we’re looking on the bright side: It's easier than you might think to regain your balance, with a savvy combination of technology and plain-old common sense. 

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How Innovative Measurement Gave Airheads a Lift

Posted by Keen Decision Systems on 12/5/18 8:00 AM

The following post was curated from AdWeek's Oct. 10 webinar: Breakthrough Measurement, with permission from Keen's featured client, Bill Mackison, consumer insights lead for Perfetti van Melle (PvM), makers of Airheads and Mentos.

"You Only Improve What You Measure."

I believe you do indeed improve what you measure – whether it is people growth, sales growth or marketing effectiveness. And in today's fragmented and fluid consumer market there's strong incentive to measure better

We have experienced a huge change in our measurement insights using Keen's platform, in contrast to our past marketing mix analyses to the extent that I believe that leveraging these types of real-time measurement technologies can actually constitute a first-mover advantage.

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3 Ways to Drive Better Marketing Performance for Your Brand

Posted by Keen Decision Systems on 5/17/18 8:39 AM

Keen's marketing analytics experts identify three steps brand marketers can take today to positively impact your brand's marketing performance.

“Trouble lurks for giants in consumer packaged goods. From 2011 to 2015 large CPG companies lost nearly three percentage points of market share.” The Economist's 2015 prognostication continues to play itself out in the retail marketplace. 

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