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Want to be a successful marketer? Choose like one.

Posted by Keen Decision Systems on 3/11/19 8:42 AM

In part one of this series, we introduced you to some unsettling realities about how decisions get made on the trillions of dollars invested in B2C marketing each year.

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Making marketing decisions: What does your gut tell you?

Posted by Keen Decision Systems on 2/28/19 8:43 AM

Successful people effectively sort their decisions into three buckets: small, medium, and big, according to decision-making expert Mike Whitaker in an interview with Fast Company  “Small decisions impact you for a day, such as what you wear and what you eat. Medium decisions impact your life for a year or so, such as deciding to go back to school or take on a roommate. They affect your life, but they aren’t crash-and-burn moments."

Bigger decisions are what set these winning decision-makers apart. Bigger decisions are made once or twice a year, according to Whitaker, and successful people use their goals to navigate to the right choice. Knowing your goals is key.

In this two-part series we'll show you how to begin applying these best practices to your marketing decisions. In this first post we’ll paint a picture with broad brush strokes of how marketing decisions typically get made. 

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Resolve to Be a Data-Driven Marketer in 2019

Posted by Keen Decision Systems on 1/15/19 9:07 AM

As we've written about previously here the CMOs who survive and thrive the dire C-suite outlook will be those who embrace technology to improve marketing measurement and investment decisions.

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