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Here Are the Best Ways to Measure Your Marketing Success, Part 2

Posted by Greg Dolan on 5/7/19 10:02 AM

Last week, we took a brief look at two of the major decision-making metrics marketers rely on to demonstrate impact. And we named the elephant in the room:

Neither awareness nor short-term ROI helps marketers better decisions about how to drive business growth. 

This week Keen's CEO and co-founder Greg Dolan explains marginal ROI and why it is the emerging go-to metric for helping marketers make informed decisions about how to invest successfully to drive business growth.

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4 Questions Your CFO Hopes You'll Ask...Soon!

Posted by Keen Decision Systems on 4/23/19 9:07 AM

It's no surprise that marketers and financial executives look at the world differently.  Sure, you're both focused on the overall health and well-being of the company. And you both have an interest in making sure your investments on behalf of the business return a profit.

But CMO turnover rates, some recent benchmark marketing surveys and the latest headlines point to a critical gap between marketing's focus on driving business growth and the ability to measure and optimize financial contribution.



If you find yourself in this gap, here are three big questions to ask begin bridging the gap.

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