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Inside CPG Marketing: What's Hot, What's Not and How to Win in 2019

Greg Dolan
Posted by Greg Dolan on 9/27/18 10:46 AM
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Keen Decision Systems had the pleasure of sponsoring the inaugural MediaPost CPG Conference yesterday in New York City. The event featured some of the best brands, agencies and minds in the business, from CPG leaders like Bayer Consumer Health and Chobani Yogurt to emerging, high-growth D2C brands like HelloFresh, BarkBox and Boxed.

The content was exciting and provocative, but even more intriguing was what wasn't discussed.

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The day's speakers covered a wide range of content that stimulated talk among attendees along some common themes:  
  • Inhouse marketing, how larger companies are relying less on agency talent and more on building their own centers of excellence.
  • Amazonification, and the effects on online channels and digital marketing strategies 
  • Customer journey  and how to dissect it to deliver more relevant, personalized content. 
  • Data and KPIs; we heard about the reams of data at marketers' disposal; one person even admitted to looking at more than 40 KPIs a day

Missing Metrics

Yet as we neared the end of the day, it struck me that something important was missing. Absent from these conversations were the words that demonstrate the value these marketers are working so hard to create for their respective businesses, terms like:

  • Unified marketing measurement
  • Optimization
  • Decision Support
  • OR... Profit

It is time for marketers to get the credit they deserve for driving the top and bottom line, and creating long-term value and brand equity. 

Measurement is happening. We heard about multi-touch attribution studies for digital, and we heard from number of marketers who are still doing traditional marketing mix modeling.

But measurement has not kept pace with the rapid evolution in marketing strategies. These efforts are not integrated; in fact, they often conflict. They aren’t fast. They don’t help marketers decide how to improve and optimize moving forward.

And most importantly, they are not able to connect all these great marketing efforts to what matters most: profitability

Next Year's Winning Move 

At yesterday's conference we gave every attendee a copy of an exclusive guide that  identifies five moves marketers need to make now to improve how they measure and optimize their financial contribution.

Now is your chance to download the eBook for free, and start a new conversation, one that has the power to transform your brand for 2019.

FREE EBOOK How to Win in 2019

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