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Discover Marketing's Missing Links
Marketing Missing Links Whitepaper

Model Your Brand Winning


Show Me the Money

Calculate True financial impact

Keen calculates each program's full financial impact, not just a short-term ROI, balancing the value of longer-term equity programs against short-term revenue initiatives.

Big Right Data

What will you decide?

If you're not going to use your data to make better decisions, then what's the point? Keen's statistical priors and advanced algorithms neutralize data quality concerns and unify your disparate channel data so that you can know where to invest your next marketing dollar for the best return.

It's All in the Timing

optimize by week

Keen's forward-focused response curves optimize your future marketing investments across all your channels by week so that you're never over- or under-invested.

If as a brand marketer you are consistently making investment decisions that build value, the natural outcome will be increased equity with consumers and ultimately, a more profitable and sustainable business.
Keen decision systems