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WP 2 Valuing Marketing Investments

Framework for Valuing Marketing Investments

ROI alone does not capture enough of the factors that influence a brand's success to equip marketers to make the best decisions. Discover a holistic framework that's changing the game for some brand leaders.

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Meet Keen Decision Systems

At Keen we’ve developed a software tool to help marketers make dynamic, data-driven decisions that build winning brands.

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Our solution is built around a decision model that relates investment options in order to forecast outcomes, help marketers discern the most valuable option and make better investment decisions, leading to stronger, more profitable brands. How do we do it?

Predictive Modeling Tool

Keen’s dynamic marketing mix tool goes beyond historic ROIs to accurately predict the impact of the next dollar invested, so marketers can make more timely, smarter and more profitable investment decisions.

Accurate Insights

Keen’s outputs are extremely precise and accurate, and thanks to machine learning the solution gets even “smarter” over time.

Expert Team

Keen was designed to be a dynamic tool at marketers’ fingertips, but our expert team is committed to supporting and maximizing customers’ success.