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Keen Decision Systems

Keen Decision Systems
Keen's software helps marketers make dynamic, data-driven decisions that build winning brands. Keen’s dynamic marketing mix tool goes beyond historic ROIs to accurately optimize marketing investments across all tactics, so marketers can make more timely, smarter and more profitable investment decisions. Keen’s outputs are extremely precise and accurate, and thanks to machine learning the solution gets even “smarter” over time. Keen’s software solution is the brainchild of former CPG brand marketer, Greg Dolan, and marketing data scientist, John Busbice. See what they created and why, and discover how it can help you make dynamic, data-driven decisions to build a winning brand.
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Posted by Keen Decision Systems on 4/14/20 3:52 PM
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3 Ways to Get the Right Amount of Digital in Your Mix

Posted by Keen Decision Systems on 5/21/19 9:17 AM

Decision Point: How can you balance all your marketing channels to grow your business? 

Our last post highlighted some ways the digital portion of your marketing mix can get seriously out of whack and the problems this presents.

This week we’re looking on the bright side: It's easier than you might think to regain your balance, with a savvy combination of technology and plain-old common sense. 

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5 Ways to Know Your Digital Buy Is Out-of-Whack

Posted by Keen Decision Systems on 5/14/19 10:02 AM

Decision Point: “Brands are starting to question if they have over-invested in digital.”

-- Sir Martin Sorrell, founder of WPP, plc

There’s no mistaking that marketers live in a digital world. And yes, the promise of digital media channels is vast, whether you’re talking about data or personalization or reach.

You know there’s a but coming, right? And here it is: But, there’s a good chance your digital buy is out of whack.

Today we’ll look at five questions you should be asking yourself to assess your own digital buy; in part 2 we’ll provide three answers for how you can ensure you're appropriately invested—to maximize marketing lift.

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